Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

Training For Skill

Here I got training to upgrade my skill. I training a few of days. Environment in the classroom. Please ignore food on table. Location class at the Jaya One PJ. Nice view and many nice student that area (you know what I mean?).

Thank for the sponsor for this training. Let me know if have more

Cameron Highland 25-26 March 2012

I come again Cameron Highland. This time unplanned just come to eat special food up there and drink tea, sleep one night, buy some vegetable and go back. However this plan still fun and enjoy. Please enjoy my some picture I take it. :-)

Special Food up there (Every dish main is strawberry).  Look  at cute get ready to get something on the table
Brincang night

tea time at palas

Tea Palas factory

Sleep time